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Maxta Pre-Configured Systems
All of the advantages of hyperconverged appliances with none of the downsides.

Maxta partners with every major server vendor to offer its Hyperconvergence Software pre-configured systems on industry-standard servers. It gives you all the advantages of buying a hardware appliance without any of the disadvantages – there’s no refresh tax, no upgrade tax, and no vendor lock-in. It’s simple to choose from different configurations and the systems are ready to go so you go from zero to running VMs in 15 minutes.


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What is a MaxDeploy Hyper-Converged Appliance?

Flexible. Simple. Scalable. Efficient.

MaxDeploy™ Hyper-converged Appliances enable the convergence of applications, server virtualization and storage on industry standard servers. Pre-validated and pre-configured MaxDeploy Appliances utilize Maxta® software delivering exceptional simplicity and scalability. Aggregated storage resources are presented as a single shared storage pool, eliminating the need for storage arrays and storage networking. Partners deliver a complete hyper-converged solution including hardware, virtualization platform and Maxta software on the customer’s choice of x86 servers. MaxDeploy hyper-converged appliances are a great fit for customers ranging from SME to large enterprises and Managed Service Providers.

Primary Use Cases

  • Business Applications
  • VDI
  • Remote/Branch Office
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Test & Development

Target Customers

  • Finance
  • MSPs/ISPs
  • Healthcare
  • SLED (State, Local Gov. & Ed.)
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail


  • Fast deployment of new VMs
  • Reduced installation time
  • Non-disruptive upgrades
  • Reduce administration cost
  • Pay-as-you-grow model
  • Data Integrity & security
  • Highly efficient snapshots and clones
  • Efficient Capacity Optimization

Capacity Optimization

  • Thin provisioning
  • In-line Compression and De-Duplication
  • Space reclamation


  • Local mirror + local replication
  • Strong checksums & RAID support
  • Metro storage cluster support

Data Services

  • VM level snapshots, zero-copy clones
  • End to end data integrity
  • VM policy management

Scalability & Performance

  • Scale out and scale up
  • Scale compute and storage independently
  • Linear performance scalability

Usability and Management

  • Manage storage and VMs through single UI
  • Automated mapping of VMs and storage
  • Simple and fast installation

MaxDeploy Hyper-Converged Architecture

MaxDeploy Hyper-converged appliance’s innovative, peer-to-peer architecture aggregates storage resources from multiple servers in the cluster, incorporating a global namespace and creating a Maxta storage pool that is highly available and can sustain multiple failures. An instance of Maxta software is installed on each of the servers in the cluster. All the servers running Maxta have access to the aggregated storage pool. The communication between Maxta instances is over Ethernet. The software is designed to maximize the probability that a VM and its associated storage resources are on the same servers, eliminating the network roundtrip latency.

MaxDeploy Hyper-Converged Architecture

Advantages for Pre-Configured Systems

Pre-Configured “Un-Appliance”

With dozens of options to choose from, systems arrive at your loading dock ready to go.

No Refresh Tax

Only pay for software once with a perpetual license – not every time you refresh hardware.

No Upgrade Tax

Add capacity to a node, add a node, or add compute only nodes – without appliance or storage vendor markups.

Simple Administration

Maxta Hyperconvergence Software can be managed remotely in just minutes a week, and you don’t need to be a storage expert to use it.

Never Overprovision Compute or Storage

Scale compute and storage separately by adding disk, memory, or CPU to existing nodes, add new nodes as you need them.

Stop Managing Storage

Improve infrastructure utilization by 40% and improve performance by 25% with application-level policies.


Download the Maxta Pre-Configured Solutions Datasheet (.PDF)


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